One of my strengths is my ability to take what I teach in the classroom and make it applicable to the athletes I work with.  I am able to improve athletic performance by putting “book” knowledge into practice with actual food choices and meal planning.  I also keep in mind the challenges you may have with exercise schedules, competitions, work, school, family and life.

I have worked with many different types of athletes from tennis players to Ironman finishers.   All of these athletes have struggled to meet their training goals prior to obtaining a specific nutrition training plan.  When working with athletes for the first time, I start with this 4 step process: 

  1. Assessment of your sport and your physical needs for that sport
  2. Appropriate goal setting- do you need to increase or decrease body weight?
  3.  Create a plan- including daily nutrition and sports nutrition
  4. Evaluate your program- are you getting results?

My specific services include:

1)      Sports specific diet prescription

  •  Pre-training nutrition
  •  What to eat during exercise
  •  Recovery
  •  Nutrition specifics for seasonal training

2)      Meal plan outline

3)      Specific race-day nutrition plan

Please contact me here and let's get started!